Elco Darda Hydraulic Rock & Concrete Splitter
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Hydraulic Splitting
World's most Powerful Hand Operated Demolition Tool with over 700,000 lbs. of Breaking Force - Plus

Splitting Force More Powerful than Large or Small Impact Breakers

Work crew uses two hydraulic splitters with breaking force of 700 tons to cut two feet off of top of bridge piers. Split was made in less than two minutes along the drill hole line. No impact cracks were left in the remaining lower section to be saved.

A backhoe quickly topples two ton section off pier top in a few seconds. A new top will be placed on the remaining section to widen the highway from 4 to 6 lanes. Hydraulic splitting method speeds up demolition and reduces costs.

Three hydraulic splitters powered by a single pump generate over 2 million lbs. (1050 tons) of breaking force to split a 8 ft. x 22 ft. block of granite cap rock in a Midwest quarry. The Elco pump, with manifold, can power 5 splitters if more force is required.

Using two hydraulic splitters, this 8' to 12' thick concrete wall was broken into pieces and removed by a 988 Cat. The contractor speeded up demolition work on this 800' wall many times over other breaking methods.

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