Elco Darda Hydraulic Rock & Concrete Splitter
Product Information and Specifications


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Elco Offers a Complete, Compact and Powerful Hydraulic Demolition System


Model #12


Weight 68 Lbs. 50 lbs.
Overall Length 50 3/4" 40"
Maximum Expansion .75" - 1.87" .78"
Size Hole Required 1 3/4" 1 3/4"
Minimum Hole Depth 26" 18"
Maximum Splitting Force 385 Tons 220 Tons

The No. 12 cylinder, the largest and most powerful, is recommended for heavy duty jobs and reinforced concrete. The No. 9 is recommended where work is light or in a confined area. All cylinders operate up to 7100 P.S.I. A complete unit consists of a cylinder, 30ft. high and low pressure hoses, high and low pressure whips, quick connect couplings, hydraulic pump and lubricant.



Model Electric 03 Air 02 Gasoline 01
Weight 74 lbs. 70 lbs. 78 lbs.
Height 24" 19 1/4" 21 1/4"
Width 18" 18" 18"
Depth 12 1/2" 12 1/2" 12 1/2"
Oil Capacity 5 Gal. 5 Gal. 5 Gal.
Motor 3450 RPM, 115 Volts at 20 Amps & 220 Volts at 10 Amps. Air Motor requires 50-80 cfm at 100 P.S.I. 3.75 h.p. B & S gas engine

The hydraulic pumps listed are set at 7,100 P.S.I. All pumps have built-in automatic control valves and hose connections. Pumps models 01,02 and 03 will power up to 5 cylinders with flow bar.



Manual on Hydraulic Splitting Applications

This illustrated booklet describes many of the applications for hydraulic splitting for both large and small projects. It also shows the various drill hole patterns and sequence of breaks. Request your copy today, and call our toll-free number (800)-631-3816 to find out more information.





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